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Why do we compare ourselves to other imperfect people?

I reciently came across a post about, “hip dips” even though I have never heard this term before I instantly knew what they were because I have them, and they are very pronounced! While it does not bother me anymore to have this flaw it used to be a big issue for me. I was always comparing myself to other young women. Of course when I looked at these girls I didn’t focus on their big nose or frizzy hair I zeroed right in on what they had that I did not. That’s the funny thing about envy, just like love it’s blind too.
Sadly body image can be crippling for some especially in your teen years and though society says they are trying to tear down the so called “perfect body image” in the media it has done nothing accept change it from one image to another. From stick thin to voluptuous and curvy. All that’s done is make the thin girls insecure too, the plus size girls still insecure. What’s worse is we have all these editing programs now where we can take a picture of ourselves and change everything about us. Look like a super model and feel great about ourselves till we put down the table and look in the mirror once again. That’s not real, and the more people can hear and open up to other about these things the better!
Everyone has what they consider a flaw or flaws no one is perfect. It’s taken me dragging myself to hells doorstep a few times sadly to get where I am today. To be who I am and happy with who I am today not just about the way I look but with the things I do and they way I treat others and handle situations. I like who I am today inside and out and if theirs other young women or men out there that hate something about themselves then I pray they don’t have to go through what I did to find a place of peace and contentment. I thought others might like the post I read and to hear from others about how much we all loved our big hips. We all have a tale to tell and enjoyed reading the comments.

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I prefer scales over fur! Who knew?!?

I finally got enough stuff to fill this huge tank and make it look like a real habitat it was pretty bare for a while going from a 20 gallon to a 75 gallon it looked pretty silly to say the least! As you can see I can’t help but spoil him. I never in a million years would have believed that when I got older my favorite pet would be a snake!! I grew up with horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and the neighbors goats. Oh and 1 bird as some point or another but other than him all our animals were furry and cute. My dad is extremely petrified of snakes and tried his best to instill that fear in his children. Apparently it did not take since both my brother and I have a pet snake. I was never afraid of them but didn’t want to pick them up and “play” with them they’ve moved to fast and were to unpredictable for my taste!!

But as you can see I got over it and love Wally to death, I can’t help it I’ve always had a soft spot for all animals cute and adorable to freaky looking and just down right ugly. What can I say I like animals better than people hands down! I’ve had him since he was a baby and he’s never once acted aggressive or made me think he might bite. He’s super curious about everything too especially my phone and tablet screens!!!! Which is really annoying cuz he messed up what ever I’m doing at the time.

People can get pretty enthusiastic about there pets so I’d love to hear what your favorite is and why!

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How I work a workout into my busy day!

I worked at a little club in Newark Ohio and absolutely loved it there! It was kind of a dive well it was absolutely a dive! Thank god for the dim lights to help mask some of the cosmetic problems it had. I could have made more money a bigger clubs but it was the people I worked around and owners I worked for, they were Wonderful people who genuinely cared about the girls that worked there and would go out of their way to help them if they needed it! For the most part all of the girls and bartenders and regular customers were always laid back and fun to be around, of course you have the ones everyone can agree they could do without but that’s life! It was nice having a flexile scheduled, financial security and a feeling of independence, but what I miss the absolute most is my body! I mean it’s an 8 hour strength and cardio workout and you don’t even realize you are doing it.

I’ve never been over weight but neither was I fit and in shape. After 3 months of doing flips, tricks and attempting to use the pole that scared me to death ( all in 7 inch heels mind you) I was solid for the first time in my life!! I loved it, my husband loved it our sex life shot through the roof and I for the first time in my life felt completely comfortable and confident with my body. No readjusting my waist band and fidgeting with straps that I thought cut into my softer areas and make me look bumpy! I could actually dry my jeans in the dryer and not have to hop up n down,suck it in while lying down then do a few squats to stretch them a bit for semi comfort that is if I used the dryer at all. It was great!

So let’s fast forward a bit, I’m getting to old to continue this line of work without fear of becoming that old lady who still thinks she’s hot shit and can hold her own around 21 year old girls. If you’ve ever frequented or work at a club you already have a name in mind I’m sure. (Ours was Amber By the way) while I had some dignity left I stopped. However slowly my muscle tone stared to fade and soon enough I was back to the hop and squat jean trick again. 🤬

I’m just like so many other people who use the excuse they don’t have enough time to workout and believe me I understand that all to well I have 3 boys a husband, 3 cats, 2 dogs (boxer and a Great Dane) 1 rabbit and a snake. The laundry, toys, food wrappers and dishes somehow end up all over the place and no one I ask threw it on the floor or has any idea how it even got there! So…. what the easiest thing to do pick it up myself! Bitching the whole while of course.

So I decided to try to kill 2 birds with one stone. I started exercising while I was cleaning the house, yes it took longer to get it done but no longer than cleaning then working out so no harm done really. I even started making a little game of it! Laundry days are my legs, butt and thighs, every time I pick up and item and it’s inside out I double what I’m doing if I do a single squat per item thrown in the washer then I do 2 when an item is wrong side out. It’s mostly socks and pretty much all of them are inside out but let me tell you my legs and butt are toned back up! I’ve had to get creative of course by attach resistance bands to arms, legs, shoulders, waist or where ever needed and attaching the other end to a piece of furniture or door knob on the opposite side as me and I’m sure I look like a total dork most the time but I’m doing house work and getting that much needed exercise! It’s paid off, and I told myself I would no longer do the dishes without working my shoulders while I do it and sweeping was going to include side bends or it wouldn’t get done and the most dreaded of them all, laundry!! I will not do laundry unless I’m working out my legs at the same time and with the amount of clothes that get thrown in the laundry room let along the ones that end up on the floor throughout the house as well, I don’t let to many days pass without washing some clothes! It’s worked out for me so far so I thought I’d pass it along who knows maybe I’ll start a trend and this time next year you will be walking down the road and see a woman washing windows standing on resistance bands with the other end attached to the same hand she’s using to wipe with. Then a block later there’s a lady in her yard doing suicide sprints while picking up dog bones and toys getting ready to mow! Hey it could happen!

If anyone has question or even suggestions I would absolutely love to hear them! Thank you.

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Flashy Cowl Top Mini Dress!

If your looking for something flashy to make you stand out from the crowd we’ll look no further! You will certainly not be overlooked in this sexy little dress!!

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Neon Double Strap Leg Wraps

I noticed these are not easy to find with the double straps and certainly not for $25.00!They are sold in pairs and come in any crazy color combinations you can come up with. Check them out on eBay at the above link or go to to shop full inventory